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I’m literally lying in bed now, completely drained from a busy week with the kids and a weekend full of getting a lot of things done. Nurse life has kicked back in full swing with lots of hours as deer season is behind me and it’s back to preparing for the next. I’m trying to make a place change to shorter shifts, not working 12’s and being away from my family and home as much . So you know the daunting task interviews hold. I will survive though. Before I drift off into dream world, I wanted to share that my mind can finally rest on my ongoing efforts to develop a nonprofit foundation for women and young girls centered around archery.

Like my blog title, finding the name and the clarity in “The Why” had just not happened yet for me in this area. I had the overlay of what the mission was but it was not yet pinpoint precise! I was over thinking it as usual. Like clock work, while lying in bed trying to sleep it hit me like a train, always nice when that happens right! Insert ” Beauty & Her Bow Foundation”.

There are so many well-developed and prospering women’s nonprofit groups around the country. Some are similar and some address specific areas and needs in the women’s community. Some of which I am a member and some I am not (I would join them all if I had enough money and time :P).

Somewhere in the midst I still heard the whisper of a message being broadcast to me from various conversations I’ve had with other women. The message was clear, I just don’t have the resources to buy a bow, I don’t know where to even start or pick which one and I have no one to help teach me. Why does this ring home so hard for me? Because I said the same things at one time. With no teacher close to home, I relied on long distance communications with veteran bowhunters to learn how to crawl, then walk in my own skills using a bow.  The day after I first shot a bow…I was HOOKED! My college tuition for summer was coming up, my kids needed yet again new sneakers, my daughters ball league fees were due, we all still needed winter gear for deer season and the list goes on but by gosh, I HAD to have a bow. I literally made a leap of faith and hoped to pick up overtime before my deadline because getting my first bow was more important to me at that moment. I barely even knew how to pick my bow up correctly the first few weeks without turning it 10 times, but it was like a need for oxygen to have a bow at this point. The way it felt when I released an arrow, the sound when it landed and the way it felt in my hand did something to me that day. The therapeutic effects I feel now when shooting is something I crave every day and enjoy the relaxing state it puts me in.

I want to give this feeling to any other woman or young woman who says they want it! A program granting a hand full of free bows to well deserving applicants each year, then point them in the right direction. Also, I look to have the enlisted help of seasoned women bow hunters to serve in a mentor program on the new site. Sharing information and answering forum questions as they arise. It’s not new information that I am still developing as a bow hunter. Together though, we as female bowhunters can give pieces of ourselves that are in fact our strong points to help another develop. No matter what the situation , single mother, no children at all, married, college student,  a woman returning to college at a later age, the list goes on. Life happens and we can all relate that things get put off at times. Sometimes providing for our children’s wants and not just needs, means we go without.

If you can relate to that, then you are why I look to focus my attention on developing The Beauty & Her Bow Foundation.

Life is short, just go bowhunt 🙂

You can subscribe to my monthly newsletter for updates on development with information like how the program structure will be outlined. The funds are now available to file for nonprofit status. Now begins the climb <3 Drop me an email to lend some advice along the way or just want to say hey! As always, I wish everyone happy hunting and hope the week stays bright.


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