Beauty & Her Bow is a future non-profit organization that strives to inspire, empower, and equip women with the knowledge and skills needed as women who hunt. Becoming independent and self-sustaining hunters , utilizing the  outdoors while maintaining safety and strengthening the mother/child bond by helping them teach their children. We will also play our role in the opportunities regarding conservation in the United States through volunteer efforts. Providing continuing archery and hunter safety education where needed. In unison helping to bridge the gap for those lacking financial resources. Working vigorously to fulfill the desires of those seeking any assistance to become an avid outdoors women.


To introduce confident, skilled, responsible hunters into the hunting community . To provide the tools, gear and knowledge needed to be prepared. All while building lasting friendships with other women and relationships within the family and community.

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Your small membership fee helps to continue our mission to give to new hunters and educate and empower new and developing bowhunters. you can look to enjoy a members gift as  the waiting list is accepted.

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Become a sponsor by choosing a sponsorship level membership package. Membership for sponsors vary by selection offering all or some of the following. Members discount card, complimentary shirt, decal, tumbler and webpage and social media accounts recognition(Valid for one year).


Connect with other women as equals. Providing an Encouraging environment is our goal. The level of experience does not matter here.

offer quality equipment

At no cost to the recipeants, brand new archery and hunting equipment is available and given for free.

Bring Our passion together.

Find new friendships with lasting bonds. Be it across the country or next door, connecting with like minds and hearts is priceless . Here one can find a community of women who live to bowhunt.


Education for new and developing hunters.

Helping first time hunters, pass hunters safety courses with future hunter safety courses classes offered by our founder and  directors.

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